About me

Karin Beyens is based and works from Merksplas, Belgium.

After completing her education at the St. Lukas Art School in Brussels, she specialized in the techniques of intaglio, relief printing, screen print and lithography at the Frans Masereel Centre in Kasterlee. The aim of these advanced experiments was not so much to master them perfectly, but rather to enter the quest of the technique which allowed her to better express herself. This would become the drypoint-technique. As printing form she does not use the conventional zinc or copper basis. Instead she inventively made polyester (foil) her base material. Eventually, the graphic arts are not a purpose by itself, but rather a method to come to other insights.

Through the technique of the collage and drypoint etch, her work has evolved to geometric abstraction over the last couple of years. Her recent work consists of reduced, monochrome painted lines and planes. These are applied to the polyester foil with wide brush strokes in acrylic paint. The biggest source of inspiration are elements found in nature. Basic principles such as the line, the colour, the texture, the material and the method are researched, where only the power of the line or the coloured plane prevail. The end goal in her two- and three-dimensional work is to reach an absolute, pictoral balance and a perfect homogeneity of the constituent components.

“There is nothing to perfect, but rather to complete, for further sequel.” (Marthe Wéry)